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My Weekend

I'm HOME!!! And soooo happy. Once again I can type anything in the world i want to in the privacy of my own very dark room. Very dark because my light bulb burnt out and I'm too lazy to change it. And it's cloudy so sun won't light it up either. It's Friday.

Tonight we kind of had a Kim's-going-away-party's eve. About 10 of us went to TGIFridays for dinner. Lets see, there was me, Adan & Kimmy who are moving to CA, her parents Uncle Tom & Aunt Jeralynn, Shelly & her husband Sean,  Some dude, my mom, Cathy, Justin, and another Shelley (Justin's mom). Shelley likes to get wild which caused quite a party at our table. Except for me and Justin who sat at the end of the table, low in our chairs, arms crossed, and a blank bored stare the whole time. Family bonding's just not our thing. After drinking 3 cokes I only had enough room to eat 2 of my barbecued ribs. Oh and Auntie Lynn told the waiters that it was her birthday so they sang her a birthday song. It was really funny. Then they gave her a dessert which Cathy took cuz she was hungry :)

Then we all left and Shelly, Shelley, Kimmy, and Adan went to have their girls night out. Probably got drunk as heck. And me, Justin, auntie Lynn, and uncle tom went to see the movie Legally Blonde. Luckily I was too full to want anything to drink cuz they only have Pepsi and I didn't get a chance to smuggle any coke cans like usual. It was a pretty cute movie. Very predictable though.

Had the real party Saturday. About 30 people. Everyone came at around 3:00. All out on the patio. Talking or swimming. Except me and Justin. That family bonding thing. I watched TV while he was on my computer. Oh how much fun. At least it was better than being on the patio. He's only about 5 months older than me. Better being bored with someone your own age, than bored out on that patio. Where everyone is either 10 years younger or 15-30 years older. 

Timmy (10 i think) came in a few times too. We watched Three To Tango which is a really cute movie.  Then later Justin got a hold of the orange smelly spray and filled my room with it. We kept choking. Then he gave it to Timmy who sprayed it some more. Then I banned Timmy from my room. Then I went to get the carpet cleaner spray which when you first squirt it, comes out like little bubbles of foam. I snuck in, and Justin was full focused on the computer, and I sprayed it all over him. It was hilarious. We choked some more. Then I started IMing him from my other comp. He didn't know it was me at first. Which is pretty stupid because my screen name that he was on was only 4 letters different that the one I was one. But oh well.  Then he kept trying to send me a stupid link and wouldn't shut up so I came back and hit him in the head. A lot. Also I drank about 5 cokes :)

Almost everyone had left by 8. So then I had Crystal come over from around the corner. I ran up to her shouting stupidly and gave her a big hug. Hadn't seen her in a month. Then everyone in the kitchen hugged her too :) it was very funny.

And then we went swimming. Then Kim, Shelly, and Shelley went into the jacuzzi. So we went in too. It was hot. Then Crystal left. So I went back inside. And Justin was on the other computer printing who knows what. Then him, me, shelley, and auntie lynn were on the couch. She made me show off my sketches and play the piano. Thrill. Then there was talking. Then Shelley and Justin left to go to Hooters. Something about buying a shirt for their friend. Odd I think. Though I'm sure Justin loved going to Hooters. He sometimes has a bit of a sick mind. Think he gets it from his wild mom. But that was the last time we saw them. He gave me 2 big hugs which scared me. But he hugs everyone. A lot. It's rather funny sometimes.

So Sunday Kim and Adan left. Auntie Lynn and her cried a lot. It was very sad. Actually part of it was very funny. After the first heartbreaking goodbyes, they drove away. A few minutes later they came back. Kim forgot her purse :) So then they left again. Shelly pretty much documented the whole thing taking pictures.

Justin and Shelley left very very early in the morning. They live in Alabama which is a 10 hour drive from here. It's a shame cuz i like having someone around that's my age. His dad Steve (but divorced) is like really really mean but still has some custody over him and his brother which makes it hard for them. But I think Shelley now has a new boyfriend too. Ironically enough his name is Steve too. So there's a good Steve and a bad Steve. Auntie Lynn said Justin cried too. He hates having to leave here. They had to go back early because they needed to pick up his brother. Something with the custody arrangement. Shelley loves it here too so she'll be coming for a week on October and for Christmas. Don't know if Justin or Aaron will be coming or not.

But now everything's back to normal.

And that's my weekend for you. We have one very exciting family :)